Marketo Engage training for teams

The only thing stopping you from getting the ROI you want from Marketo is the right training

When your team can run Marketo campaigns to best practice standards, you’re free to focus on the big picture:

Developing strategy and getting results.

  • Self-paced online courses with feedback from experts
  • Get custom training specific to your instance and use cases
  • For global teams: get training in English & Spanish

JTF Marketing has helped over 350+ marketers maximise their ROI from Marketo

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If any of this sounds like you, it’s time to train with JTF Marketing:

  • You’re not getting the ROI your company wanted from Marketo
  • You have new Marketo users or training gaps due to organizational changes
  • You’re worried about bottlenecks that could stop the flow of leads and revenue
  • Your team relies too much on a single in-house expert who could leave at any time
  • You want to focus on strategy, but keep getting pulled into the operational weeds
  • You want to assess your team’s skill level
  • You want to prevent embarrassing mishaps like data privacy law violations

Marketo Engage training for teams

When your team has the right skills, you can predict, grow and prove your contribution to the business

Marketo is powerful. But it’s not intuitive.

That’s why training is a key ingredient for a healthy ROI from your company’s investment.

These trainings are designed to help your team develop the skills, processes and confidence they need to get you the results you want.

Self-paced online courses

Get structured training with feedback from expert consultants

Develop a team that runs campaigns to best practice standards.
So they can get better results. And make fewer mistakes.

  • Beginner to advanced
  • Structured training that your team can return to in their daily work
  • Get expert feedback and quality checks on assignments

Custom training

Develop your team with tailored training

Your instance of Marketo is unique. And so is your business.

We’ll train your team on the exact skills they need through live, online trainings based on your specific needs.

  • Focus on specific skills and features in depth
  • Get training tailored to your Marketo instance
  • Get extra attention from our expert consultants
  • Prep your team for certification with MCE workshops

Mock certification exams (MCE)

Assess your team's skills and pinpoint opportunities to get more value from Marketo

Mock certification exams aren’t just for team members who want to get certified. They’re great for assessing your team’s skills and seeing where they can improve.

Meet your trainers

Get your team trained by the experts who live and breathe marketing automation

Our entire business is focused on one thing:

Helping businesses like yours get a bigger return from their investment in Marketo.

  • 1 of only ~150 Adobe Certified Master – Marketo Engage Architect in world
  • Featured in publications such as MarTech Advisor & Marketing Tech News
  • Has 12 years experience in marketing automation (and no life outside it)

James T. Fletcher

CEO and Lead Trainer

  • Adobe Certified Master – Marketo Engage Architect
  • Trains students in English and Spanish
  • Born in southern California. Lives in Madrid. Can’t stand the cold.

Ashley Omphroy

Senior Marketing Automation Consultant

  • Adobe Certified Master – Marketo Engage Architect
  •  The nice guy of the team, who always delivers! A keen selfie taker and self confessed Marketo fan!

Adam Kemlo

Senior Marketing Automation Consultant

“Our team is now ready to maximise Marketo!”


“We chose JTF Marketing’s Marketo Engage self-guided and assignment based training. This practical training allowed my team to move at their own pace, but with effective 1-2-1 feedback from Marketo experts.

JTF Marketing then followed up with bespoke webinars in Spanish and English tailored to specific learning gaps. Our team is now ready to maximise Marketo!”

Eleanor Pike
International Marketing Director, McGraw-Hill Professional

Get the full ROI you were promised when your company invested in Marketo

Mix and match any of the following:

  • Self-paced courses (from beginner to advanced)
  • Custom training delivered online
  • Mock certification exams

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you need yet. Just give us your closest guess and we’ll get back to you with pricing and options.

JTF Marketing has helped over 350+ marketers maximise their ROI from Marketo

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