Marketo Certification Expert (MCE) Training

Discover how MCE training will help you!

Get Marketo certified with our MCE training

If you have some introductory knowledge of marketing automation in general, hands-on experience using Marketo, and you’re ready to differentiate yourself and showcase your advanced marketing automation expertise with a Marketo certification, this MCE training is worth attending! (If you don’t check out our bi-monthly Marketo training)

In this training, we’ll prepare you fully for the Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) exam! Our experienced multiple time certified Marketo experts will put you through your paces covering the following key components:

  • Base Marketo knowledge such as program fundamentals including creating multi-stream engagement programs, testing scenarios, engaging in smart campaigns, establishing and evaluating metrics
  • Marketo lead management best practice including identifying lead scoring criteria, identifying Marketo features for optimising lead quality and lead evaluation, score resetting, and understanding communication protocols and flows
  • Pushing your knowledge even further we’ll provide a number of hands on Marketo solution development exercises throughout to challenge your knowledge.
  • We’ll deep dive into targeting and personalisation including tokens, segmentation, smart lists, and dynamic content
  • Plus we’ll see what Marketo analytics and reporting has to offer including identifying types of reporting and metric impact; tailoring reports to cost, conversion, and performance scenarios

To wrap up the training session we’ll give you the opportunity to sit our Marketo practice exam that we use for our Marketo consultants on-boarding!

Putting you through your paces

In short: We’ll put you through your paces so you can apply your advanced conceptual knowledge to your specific marketing strategies and to day-to-day operations management–and, of course, so you can ace that MCE exam and get Marketo certified.

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Prerequisites to becoming an MCE

Becoming an Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) is pretty awesome, but like every certification there are number of prerequisites that you’ll need before you get started. Not to mention a bit of homework you’ll need to do before jumping.

To pass with flying colours you’ll need:

  • To know Marketo inside out and able to cover all of the marketing automation basics. You can get this from our bi-monthly Marketo training if you need a refresher
  • Have a minimum of 1 year experience as a marketing automation professional, you might get away with less if you’re the tech savvy type
  • 1-2 years of general marketing experience, there are a few questions that crop up about data protection legislations globally, so be ready!
  • 800-1000+ hours using Marketo Engage, which is the equivalent to around 1-2 years for the average marketer
  • $225 USD to pay for your certification exam through the Webassessor portal

Our MCE workshops are personalised

We’ve a few options when it comes to becoming an MCE, and usually it’s subject to how fast you want to pass your Marketo Certification. We offer the following structures:

  1. Self-paced scenarios – we’ll set you a series of scenarios to build out in your (or our sandbox) Marketo Engage environment based on problems cases we see on a daily basis as consultants. Your job is to build out a solution and present it back to us, we’ll ask you about your approach, and throw a few curve ball questions. Once you’ve completed that we’ll grant you access to our mock exam before you head for the real deal!
  2. MCE Workshop – if we can drum up enough demand we’ll get a few people in a room for two days of Marketo madness, our interactive scenarios will see you work as a team developing solutions to present back to the workshop. The trainer is throwing questions at you throughout the day to test your knowledge and see if they can catch you out! At the end of day two you’ll get access to a mock exam. Note we need a minimum of three people for this workshop.
  3. Specific Workshop for you – the most cost effective approach if you’re looking to get your team certified! It’s the exact same as our MCE workshop but specific to you and your team hosted in your offices or ours.

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About the Marketo Certified Expert exam

If you’re studying to become an MCE with us, you’ll get access to all of the materials we train our consultants with including our Marketo Engage Certified Expert mock exam.

The Marketo certification exam is:

  • Approximately 75 questions
  • You have a time allowance of 90 minutes
  • The threshold for success is 70%
  • Can be taken online or in a testing centre near to your home or office

Once you’ve passed you’ll also be given a globally recognisable designation and logo, a digital credential to share on LinkedIn and a few hundred extra messages from recruiters per annum.