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How to successfully scale your Marketo Engage execution

Join Paddy Cumiskey, a Marketo Certified Expert, to learn how to successfully scale your efforts in Marketo Engage.

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When you start to increase the volume of marketing activities taking place in Marketo Engage, things can get incredibly time-consuming, fast!

Our next webinar, hosted by Paddy Cumiskey, will focus on key strategies to help you successfully scale your execution in Marketo. As someone who has worked both client-side and consultancy-side with Marketo, Paddy has a wealth of experience and top tips to help you take your campaigns to the next level!

In 30 minutes, Paddy will cover:

Must-haves for scaling execution for sustainable growth, including:

  • Program templates
  • Marketing operations processes
  • Reporting for data-backed decision-making
  • When and how to seek agency support

Get answers to your questions. Get more from your Marketo.


Paddy Cumiskey JTF Marketing

Paddy Cumiskey

Marketo Certified Expert