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Optimize email deliverability in Marketo

Help your Marketo campaigns go further with improved data hygiene and deliverability

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Email deliverability can make or break your campaigns. It can be the reason for capturing or not capturing leads, and ultimately, it defines whether or not you’re in the 50% of emails that end up in spam inboxes.

We’re excited to share our next webinar which will be hosted by Marketo Certified Expert Mark Hill, our email deliverability specialist.

Mark will explain how to avoid ending up in the dreaded spam folder and succeed in getting your email content in front of your audience.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How deliverability affects your campaigns
  • Which email metrics you should care about
  • How to manage your sender reputation
  • How to handle data hygiene
  • Campaign best practice

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Mark-Hill-JTF Marketing

Mark Hill

Marketo Certified Expert