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A fresh start: How to clean up your Marketo instance

A tidy Marketo instance is essential for empowering your team to get more from Marketo. Join us to get started!

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Don’t wait until spring comes around to assess the state of your programs, assets and data in Marketo and have a good spring clean.

In this webinar, Marketo Certified Solutions Architect James Fletcher explains the importance of keeping a clean Marketo instance and shares top tips for getting organised. Don’t let bad data and filing practices cost your team valuable time and money!

  • Why should you clean up your Marketo instance?
  • What tools are available to help you clean up your instance?
  • How to save time, money, and improve your results with deduplication
  • A quarterly cleaning checklist

Get answers to your questions. Get more from your Marketo.


Marketo Solutions architect

James T Fletcher

Marketo Certified Solutions Architect