Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) Mock Exam

Feeling confident in your expert Marketo skills, but want to put that knowledge to the test? Our mock exam lets you trial your Marketo know-how and identify any gaps before going on to take the real deal.

Duration: max 150 minutes  Difficulty: Expert

  • 75 questions
  • Online delivery
  • 51/75 passing mark
  • Available in English only


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A head-start getting through your MCE exam

Aimed at Marketo-savvy professionals with 1-2 years’ working experience of Marketo Engage, this mock exam tests all key areas of the platform, from beginner to advanced. It covers the 5 key sections you’ll be assessed on in the real thing.

As well as picking out the correct answer from a selection list for each question, you’ll also be prompted to practice your knowledge and judgement within set Marketo scenarios.

Module 1

Program Fundamentals

This section checks through your foundation knowledge of Marketo Engage’s core automation and program features. It’ll touch on:

  • Smart campaign configuration
  • The effect of flow steps on a lead/group
  • Program and channel types, and their fit for different marketing activities
  • A/B and champion/challenger email testing
  • Engagement program setup, population, asset types, and send settings
  • Webinar setup, sign-up synchronization, sending access links, and managing attendee data
  • Request Campaign flow steps
Module 2

Targeting and Personalisation

This section may as well be called “all about tokens”! It section tests your knowledge of personalization tools, including:

  • The purpose of tokens and how to use them correctly
  • Valid local token types
  • How inherited tokens operate
  • Segmentation vs. multiple smart lists
  • Requirements for using dynamic content
Module 3

Analytics and Reporting

Centred around data management, analysis and admin, this section looks at your skills around Marketo’s built-in analytics tools. Questions will cover:

  • Program dashboard types and their components
  • Report customization, settings, and using different types of reports
  • Requirements for reporting success, acquisition, and ROI correctly
Module 4

Lead Management

What are your leads doing, and how are you filtering them? This section looks at your proficiency at managing lead data and its progression in Marketo, including:

  • Features for determining lead quality, behaviour, and readiness
  • Appropriate flow steps if Marketing has an SLA with Sales
  • Who should set criteria for lead scoring, and how to reset a score
  • Communicating next steps to Sales for a sales-ready lead
Module 5

Implementation and Operations

This section touches on much of the admin and data-related fine-tuning that makes a Marketo expert stand out from a standard user. This section will test you on:

  • The differences between marketo and an email service provider (ESP)
  • Use and purpose of munchkin code
  • Standardising unstandardised data
  • Correct use of operational and non-operational email series for events
  • Tools for sending repeated, consistent content across all emails
  • The difference between local / global landing pages, and how to change their URLs
  • Tokenised scoring, and where to use it
  • Text vs. HTML email versions
  • Form setup, deployment, visibility, data collection, and progressive profiling
  • Defining on which page a form was filled out
  • Translating a form field entry into a different database field
  • Creating thank you pages that refer to form fill data
  • Assigning acquisition statuses to leads
  • Defining hard / soft bounces
  • Identifying cases for limiting emails received, and for marketing suspend
  • Unsubscribe links, opt-ins, and international legal requirements


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