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Marketo Lead Nurturing 101: Designing your nurture

With only a small number of your leads making an immediate purchase or decision, there is a lot of opportunity left over to play with.


An effective lead nurturing process is your answer to capturing the attention of as many of those leads as possible, not to mention how it can dramatically impact customer loyalty, customer retention, revenue and overall marketing results.

In this series of five fortnightly 30-minute webinars we explore the ways that you can perfect your lead process using nurturing – from data quality and structure to engagement programs and reporting. We will be breaking it down into smaller, actionable steps so you can start experimenting with your team straight away, perfecting each step of the process as we go. 

We start the webinar series and lead nurturing journey off where is expected – designing your nurture. In this webinar, you will discover the best ways to choose the objective of your campaign and of course create the basis of a nurture that works, based on the main frameworks and best practises.

You will learn: 

  • How to select the objective of your nurture campaign
  • How to design a nurture that works (using revenue model as a basis)
  • The main frameworks to lean on (AIDA, 3As etc.)

When you’re ready, jump straight to the next webinar in the series – Marketo Lead Nurturing 101: Perfecting the data

Alternatively, you can find out more about how we can help you further with your lead nurturing campaigns.

Marketo Expert

James T Fletcher

CEO & Marketo Solutions Architect