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Mastering Marketo Email Templates

All new emails in Marketo start with a template. But when a template is unresponsive, takes a lot of time to build and is inconsistent in styling and modules… is it really a good place to start?


Email templates should make your marketing team shine. Showcase the great content you have to share with your audience.

By introducing Marketo templates that are editable, fully tested on all devices, and follow consistent brand styling, marketers can focus on messaging and strategy instead.

In this webinar we will introduce you to email best practices and templates so you can start creating email campaigns quickly and easily and drive better results with optimised designs.

This 30-minute webinar will cover:

  • Email marketing in Marketo – 5 best practices
  • Common challenges with Marketo email templates
  • What makes a good email template?
  • Which template is right for you?
  • Live demo: Build an optimised email in Marketo using template
  • Example templates & use cases
  • Q&A

Avoid errors. Stay on brand. Save time.

Join us live to get 15% off your first email template with us


Marketo Expert

James T Fletcher

CEO & Marketo Certified Solutions Architect