Marketo Certified Expert

Be a Marketo Master

Marketing Certified Expert (MCE) 

If you have some introductory knowledge of marketing automation in general, hands-on experience using Marketo, and you’re ready to differentiate yourself and showcase your advanced marketing automation expertise with a Marketo certification, this is your training.

In this training, we’ll prepare you fully for the Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) exam!  We’ll cover:

  • Program fundamentals (including creating multi-stream engagement programs, testing scenarios, engaging in smart campaigns, establishing and evaluating metrics)
  • Targeting and personalisation (including tokens, segmentation, smart lists, dynamic content)
  • Analytics and reporting (including identifying types of reporting and metric impact; tailoring reports to cost, conversion, and performance scenarios)
  • Lead management (identifying scoring criteria, identifying Marketo features for optimising lead quality and lead evaluation, score resetting, and understanding communication protocols and flows)

We’ll also guide you through implementation and operational best practice: forms, operational and non-operational emails, landing page types and URL configuration, form setup and visibility scenarios, thank you pages, bounces, lead assignation, opt-in and opt-out legal requirements.

In short:  We’ll put you through your paces so you can apply your advanced conceptual knowledge to your specific marketing strategies and to day-to-day operations management–and, of course, so you can ace that MCE exam and get Marketo certified.


Interested in our MCE training?