Career-defining question for Marketo users who want to run campaigns with confidence by next week:

What’s the biggest difference between Marketo users who quickly master the fundamentals, get recognized for great work, and develop the skills that put their careers on the fast track…

...and those who remain overwhelmed, make embarrassing mistakes and constantly wonder “is there a better way to do this?”

If you guessed it’s taking every Marketo training from Adobe, you’d be wrong.

If you guessed it’s finding the best Marketo “guru” on Youtube or Udemy, you’d be wrong.

And if you guessed it’s getting trained by the go-to expert at your company whenever they have a spare half-hour, you’d still be wrong.

Sure, you’ll pick up some useful tips.

But you won’t get a rock-solid foundation of the most important Marketo skills.

And without that rock-solid foundation, you’ll always wonder if there’s a better, faster or less risky way to use the tool.

Get instant access to Marketo Fundamentals

The question every Marketo user wonders at some point: “Am I doing this right?”

So someone threw Marketo in your lap.

Perhaps you took one look at the interface and thought:

“It’s great that it has all these fancy features and loads of bells whistles, but…

…how do I do the basics?

…how do I get campaigns out the door without slowing down my team?

…and how do I know I’m not going to make a big, embarrassing mistake?”

We’ve seen it a million times:

You start a new job. And you want to prove your value to your team.

But how can you prove your value if you never got enough training to feel comfortable with the tool you need to use every day?

Or if you did get training, it felt like you were trying to drink from a firehose. Too much content, too quickly. None of it stuck. You still don’t feel 100% comfortable.

If you’ve been using Marketo for a little while already…

You may suspect that there’s a better, faster or easier way to build and run campaigns.

But if you’re like most Marketo users, your biggest concern is making a big mistake.

Like sending an email to thousands of contacts who weren’t supposed to receive it. (NOT fun)
Or worse, violating GDPR or other data privacy laws. (Extra not fun)

With so much at stake, it’s no surprise that most Marketo users feel loads of anxiety when they finally commit to hitting SEND or ACTIVATE.

Or lie awake at night thinking, “did I remember to use the right filter?”

No one likes writing apology emails.

And no one wants to attract attention from their boss for making mistakes.

Marketo’s complexity shouldn’t stop you from thriving in your role

We see this with newer Marketo users all the time.

Maybe you can relate: You worked hard to get your job. And if you didn’t, you were smart enough to get it anyway. Well done, you.

Your hopes were high. Not just for this job, but the new opportunities it would open for you in the future.

Then a complicated technology called Marketo landed in your lap. And all your hopes and dreams for this job were dashed upon the rocks of worry and doubt.

For someone as smart and/or hard-working as you, Marketo’s complexity should NOT stand in the way of you enjoying and excelling at your job.

You deserve to get to do exciting work that you’re proud of. You deserve to get great results and feedback from your boss.

You deserve to be able to get campaigns out the door without lying awake at night, staring at the ceiling, wondering, “did I send that to the wrong audience?”

And you deserve to be on the path towards more exciting job opportunities and a salary that lets you live the life you want.

3 reasons newer Marketo users struggle to enjoy or excel at their jobs (and why it’s rarely their fault)

Reason #1: Marketo isn’t intuitive

Marketo isn’t MailChimp. Marketo is a beast of a system. It’s a complicated technology with loads of features and bells and whistles. The UI is quite intimidating for newer users.

So if you’re blaming yourself for not having it all figured out already, don’t.

Marketo is powerful. But it’s NOT intuitive.

What you need: You don’t need a technical background to succeed with Marketo. You just need a solid foundation of specific skills, best practices and processes.

Reason #2: Marketo mistakes are a big deal

It’s not just Marketo’s complex interface that overwhelms most users.

It’s the fact that Marketo mistakes can lead to disastrous consequences.

Like sending a campaign to thousands of the wrong people (time to work on that apology email).

Or violating GDPR and other data privacy laws.

Not quite the kind of attention you wanted to attract from your boss or the executive team, is it?

What you need: To learn the processes and exact steps experts use to keep the risk of Marketo blunders to an absolute minimum. So you can hit SEND without panicking.

Reason #3: Most Marketo training is rubbish

Maybe you took some tutorials from Adobe or Udemy.

Maybe you were trained by a colleague.
Or maybe you were “lucky” enough to get some Marketo “onboarding training.” Which turned out to be code for 15 hours of information overload that no one can remember.

After those trainings:
Do you feel like you know the exact right way to build and run campaigns?

Did any experts check your work to make sure you’re doing things right?
This is where most Marketo training falls short.

What you need: Structured training that not only teaches you the best way to do the basics, but also has experts check your work to tell you if you’re doing things the right way.

Your job will be more fun and rewarding when you’ve mastered the fundamentals of Marketo

When you get structured training from Marketo experts who can quality check your skills, your work gets a whole lot easier.

With a rock-solid foundational skill set, you can build emails, landing pages, forms and events with the confidence of a Marketo veteran. Because you know you’re building and running campaigns the same way the experts do.

With that skill set, it’s also WAY easier to:

  • Attract attention from your boss for good results (rather than mistakes)
  • Move up in your organization, or open up new opportunities elsewhere
  • Get paid more as you grow your expertise

These results are within your reach. In fact, you can run campaigns with confidence as soon as next week.

But results like these do depend on you getting structured training from Marketo experts.

Otherwise, you’ll spend hours getting bits and pieces from YouTube, Udemy and your company’s go-to Marketo expert…

…only to still wonder what the heck you’re doing.

So if you’re ready to stop wondering if you’re doing things the right way…

…and you’re ready to know — beyond any doubt — that you’re doing things exactly the same way the Marketo experts do…

…then it’s time for you to check out our self-paced, online Marketo Fundamentals course.

Who better to train you than the nerds who live and breathe Marketo?

Hey — James and Ashley here from the JTF Marketing training team.

Before we tell you more about who we are, let us tell you who we aren’t:

  • We aren’t pretenders from those cheap online elearning platforms who sell you a dream, only to under-deliver through copy/pasted content
  • We aren’t marketing automation software vendors, which means we’re not trying to sell you on the latest features
  • We aren’t those boring teachers on Udemy who make learning Marketo as much as fun as watching your tea steep


We’re hardcore Marketo geeks who spend all our time helping marketing teams use Marketo better.

And we built this course because we’re tired of seeing good marketers struggle because they were thrown into Marketo without sufficient training.

We want these marketers to succeed in their roles, but all the other Marketo trainings out there are simply inadequate:

They either flood you with too much information in a really short time so that none of it sticks.

Or they’re super basic and leave you still wondering, “am I doing this right?”

Instead, we help you build a solid foundation of skills that actually apply to your day-to-day work.

Like building emails, landing pages, forms, events and reports to best practice standards.

And since Marketo was designed to help automate your work, we want to show you how to use the tool to save yourself hours of manual work too.

The reality is, anyone with a little curiosity and willingness to learn can become a Marketo expert. At the very least, they can master the fundamentals and stop feeling overwhelmed by the tool.

If you have that curiosity and willingness to learn, then the only thing standing in your way is some structured training on the best way to do the basics.

Meet your trainers:

James T. Fletcher

Adobe Certified Master – Marketo Engage Architect (only 150 in the world) with 12+ years experience

Featured in publications such as MarTech Advisor & Marketing Tech News

Has no life outside marketing automation

James T Fletcher

Ashley Omphroy

Adobe Certified Master – Marketo Engage Architect

Trains students to tame the beast that is Marketo in both English and Spanish

Born in southern California. Lives in Madrid. Doesn’t do cold weather.

Ashley Omphroy

Adam Kemlo

Adobe Certified Master – Marketo Engage Architect

The nice guy of the team, who always delivers! A keen selfie taker and self confessed Marketo fan!

Adam Kemlo
Get instant access to Marketo Fundamentals

“Wait — you can do it like that?”

“I was excited to learn that my team was going to start running our own campaigns with Marketo. It meant that we would no longer have to rely on other teams to get campaigns out the door.

But I was also nervous. I didn’t want to be responsible for making a big mistake.

JTF Marketing’s training saved me from a lot of problems and wasted time. They showed me what to pay attention to so that I don’t mess up.

And they also showed me much faster and easier ways to use the tool. I can’t remember how many times I said, ‘wait — you can do it like that?’

Now I’m looking forward to building on my Marketo skills and becoming more and more of an expert.”

Soraya Gomez

Marketing Manager, McGraw Hill Education

JTF Marketing helped me gain the knowledge and confidence I needed to get promoted”

“JTF Marketing helped me gain the knowledge and confidence with Marketo Engage I needed to get promoted.

I was working as a CRM Manager, but now I’m the Head of Marketing Automation for one of the world’s largest independent investment firms.

The pay increase is great, but more importantly, I enjoy my work more now that I’m an expert.”

Simone Vincent

Head of Marketing Automation, Large International Financial Services Company

Introducing the only self-paced Marketo course where experts give you feedback:

Marketo Fundamentals

This self-paced, assignment-based course will have you running campaigns with confidence in as little as 7 days.

Here’s what comes with the course:

  • 10 video demos and 7 step-by-step tutorials that demystify Marketo’s interface and features. Discover the best practice, expert-approved ways to build programs and run campaigns. From email, to landing pages, to forms to events and webinars. Plus, how to pull the reports your stakeholders want to see.
  • 8 quizzes to ensure you have the fundamentals down before you build on them.
  • 4 real-world assignments where you get to put your new skills to the test. Our experts will review your work and show you what you did right and what you can improve. So you can stop wondering if you’re “doing this the right way.”

Master your fundamental Marketo skills in 10 modules

Module 1

Master the fundamentals of email marketing

The question every Marketo user wonders at some point:
“Am I doing this right?”
A complex interface + Marketo jargon is a recipe for overwhelm. This module will help you look at Marketo as a tool that helps automate manual work rather than an obstacle that makes work harder.

In this module:

  • Demystify the Marketo Interface and jargon so it becomes familiar instead of overwhelming
  • Understand how Marketo tracks the customer journey
  • Learn the 3 basic asset types you’ll use again and again
  • Save yourself hours of manual work with Smart Lists, Smart Campaigns and Cloning
Module 2

Create programs to best practice standards

Every Marketo user worries about making big, public mistakes. This module will help you put those concerns to rest.

In this module:

  • Discover the “no fail” way to send an email that we’ve been using for years
  • Best practices for naming your programs
  • How to use tokens to personalize your programs
  • Assignment: Build an email program based on a brief. We’ll review your work and give you feedback. So you know you’re building programs the right way.
Module 3

How to use Smart Lists to save yourself hours of manual work

If you aren’t using Smart Lists — or aren’t using them properly — you’re wasting time with manual work that Marketo is designed to automate.

In this module:

  • Create segments and reports faster with smart lists
  • How to use Smart List Rule Logic to quickly segment your audience
  • Step-by-step best practices for formatting static lists
  • Assignment: Format and upload a list to best practice standards. We’ll review your work and give you feedback.
Module 4

How to run Smart Campaigns like an expert

Smart Campaigns drive all activities in Marketo. Without Smart Campaigns, it would be nearly impossible to target the correct audience.

If you want to become great at Marketo, pay special attention to this module. Everything else you do with Marketo depends on your ability to run Smart Campaigns.

In this module:

  • How to run a Smart Campaign
  • The 3 main components of a Smart Campaign
  • How to drag and drop Filters and Triggers to segment your audience by behavior and the data in your CRM
  • What to check for to make sure you’ve segmented your audience correctly (so you don’t send it to the wrong people)
  • Shortcuts to build Smart Campaigns faster
  • Assignment: Build a smart campaign. We’ll check your work and give you feedback.
Module 5

Build forms to best practice standards

Make your forms look and behave the exact way you need them to.

In this module:

  • How to add form fields
  • How to edit your form’s style and apply themes
  • The crucial difference between display values and stored values
  • How to use logic to dynamically display additional fields (e.g., when the user selects U.S. as their country, show a dropdown field to choose a state)
  • How to use hidden fields and UTMs to track leads through the customer journey
Module 6

Build best practice landing pages quickly

If you know the right way to build landing pages in Marketo, you’ll save yourself a ton of time. Plus you’ll know how to optimize your landing pages so more people find them.

In this module:

  • How to use modular templates to quickly customize your landing page
    Best practices for editing HTML (so you don’t run into formatting headaches)
  • How to add forms to your landing pages
  • How to maintain brand consistency on your landing pages
  • The difference between free-form and Guided Landing Pages (and why we recommend you stick to only one)
  • How to optimise your page for SEO with keywords and more
Module 7

Ensure accurate reporting with Period Costs

Most companies buy Marketo so they can predict and prove the return of their marketing efforts. Period Costs are what make this possible.

If you don’t use period costs correctly, you can’t produce accurate reports. Which means your stakeholders won’t get the information they wanted from Marketo in the first place.

If Period Costs seem confusing, don’t worry — this module breaks it all down.

In this module:

  • How Period Costs help your team prove their contribution to the business
  • The simple way to add Period Costs so your stakeholder’s reports are accurate
  • Which costs you should include and which you should exclude
Module 8

Master the fundamentals of reporting

What’s the point of a campaign with great results if you don’t have the right reports to prove it?

It’s time to master the basics of reporting.

In this module:

  • Get an overview of the different reports available
  • How to build and save reports for specific programs
  • How to build reports faster with Smart Lists
  • How to export reports into other formats
  • How to customise list views so reports look the way you want them to
  • How to create subscriptions to share reports with your stakeholders
Module 9

Build events and webinars to best practice standards

Webinars and other events are great for driving leads through your funnel.

This module shows you how to build events to best practice standards. With some time-saving tips and tricks to cut out any manual work.

In this module:

  • The 3 main components you need to build a Smart Campaign
  • Best practices to add and organize your assets
  • How to use Cloning to build events faster
  • How to build Smart Campaigns within your event
  • How to plan a sequence of emails with follow ups and reminders
  • How to use Smart Lists to keep an updated list of attendees
  • The right way to build an event for accurate reporting
  • Expert tips, tricks and things to look out for
Module 10

Get your fundamental Marketo skills reviewed by an expert

Module 10 is an assignment that puts all your new skills to the test.

In this assignment, you’ll build a webinar event based on a real-life scenario. You’ll build emails, landing pages, forms and reports — all the pieces you need to launch a real webinar.

We’ll review your work and let you know how you did.

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’re ready to run real campaigns with confidence.

The “Run campaigns with confidence within 7 days or your money back” guarantee

Take the self-paced Marketo Fundamentals training. If you don’t feel confident running basic Marketo campaigns within 7 days of finishing the course, we’ll refund your purchase.

All you have to do is email our support team at within 30 days of purchasing the course. That’s plenty of time to take the course and apply what you learned.

Here’s why we’re able to offer this zero-risk guarantee:

Nearly every student can run basic Marketo campaigns after they’ve taken this course. At the time of writing, our refund request rate is below 1% for course completers.
The course is based on the best practices and expert processes we use every single day — so we’re 100% confident that they work.
Since the course is self-paced, you can go back to our step-by-step instructions whenever you get stuck in Marketo. This gives you the added confidence of having best practices in your back pocket anytime you need them.

Run campaigns with confidence

Marketo Fundamentals is £495.
Backed by the 30-day money-back guarantee

Get Instant Access

In case you’re wondering...

What does this course cover that isn’t covered in Adobe, Udemy and other courses?

There are 3 ways this training helps you run campaigns with confidence that other courses don’t:

1. Structure: Other courses will give you bits and pieces of knowledge. But there’s no structure to help you master each fundamental skill. Marketo Fundamentals is not only structured to help you master the basics — it’s also self-paced. Which means you can return to it over and over, and apply it to your day-to-day work.

2. True expertise: Marketo is all we do. We’re in the trenches every day, helping people from different companies make the most of Marketo. We’ve seen hundreds of different instances. Hundreds of different challenges. We’ve earned every Marketo battle scar we have.

3. Feedback: Other courses can tell you what to do. Only Marketo Fundamentals can tell you if you’re doing it right.

Do I need access to Marketo to take the course?
You learn best by doing — not just watching someone else. That’s why we recommend this training only if you have access to Marketo at your company. When you build your assignments, you’ll want to create a test folder where you can practice your skills.

How long does the course take to complete?

The training is self-paced, so it’s entirely up to you. If you work on it each day, you can finish it in a week. Even at a slower pace, most students finish the course within 1 month.

Can I get my employer to pay for this?

Many students get their employers to pay for this training. To help you start this conversation, download a PDF with the course syllabus.

Will this training apply to my company’s instance of Marketo?

There are two things you’ll want to check to ensure you get the most out of this training:

1. That your Marketo instance has Modular Email Templates (this feature is necessary for building emails to best practice standards… and making your work faster and easier)
2. That your Marketo instance has Guided Landing pages (again, to ensure best practice standards)

I’m not very technical. Will I still be able to run campaigns with confidence by the end of this course?

Technical skills are not a prerequisite for this course. If you have the willingness to learn and a pinch of curiosity, then you have everything you need to take this course.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals covered in the training, we have no doubt that you’ll feel completely confident building and running your campaigns.

What exactly do I get when I buy this course?

Here’s what you get when you buy Marketo Fundamentals:

10 modules that build your foundational Marketo skills set
10 demos where experts show you how to build programs, reports, etc.
7 tutorials that break best practice processes down into steps
8 quizzes to ensure you understand the material before you move on
4 expert-reviewed assignments that put your new skills to the test

You’re ready to run campaigns with confidence if…

If 3 or more of these apply to you, you’re ready to take Marketo Fundamentals:

  • You’re just getting started with Marketo: You want to master the basics so you can get campaigns out the door with as little manual work and anxiety possible.
  • You’re not new to Marketo, but you suspect that advanced Marketo users know easier, faster and better ways to work with the tool. And you want to know them too.
  • You’re the kind of person who’s always looking to improve their skills. You’re curious and you’re willing to put in a little bit of time up front to make work easier and more impactful later.
  • You’d feel better having an expert check your work to validate your skills — so you know you’re doing everything right.
  • You’ve tried other Marketo trainings but found them to be incomplete, boring or difficult to apply to your day-to-day work.
  • You’re aware that mastering Marketo will open the door to better job opportunities and higher pay.
  • You’re ready to commit at least 1-2 hours per week for 2–4 weeks to complete the course.
Get instant access to Marketo Fundamentals

You could be just 7 days away from running campaigns with confidence

Remember that career-defining question we asked at the beginning?

By now you know the answer:

The marketers who quickly master the fundamentals, get recognized by their bosses for great work and develop skills that put their careers on the fast track are the ones who:

Get structured training (instead of picking up bits and pieces here and there)
Learn from real, in-the-trenches experts (not the pretenders on Udemy who barely have more experience than you)
Follow best practice standards and processes (instead of crossing their fingers and hoping nothing goes wrong)

And with experts who check your work, Marketo Fundamentals is the only self-paced training that can actually validate your skills. So you know — without any doubt — that you’re doing things the right way.

So who needs Marketo Fundamentals?


  • If you want to run campaigns with confidence in as little as 7 days, you need Marketo Fundamentals.
  • If you’re brand new to Marketo and don’t want to have a mild panic attack every time you hit SEND or ACTIVATE, you need Marketo Fundamentals.
  • If you want to develop your Marketo skills to put your career on the fast-track, you need Marketo Fundamentals.
  • If you ever work in Marketo and wonder, “Am I doing this right?”, you need Marketo Fundamentals.
  • If you want to get your fundamental skills checked by experts, you need Marketo Fundamentals.
  • If you’re ready, we look forward to helping your master the fundamentals and run campaigns with confidence.

Get instant access to Marketo Fundamentals

Marketo Fundamentals is £495.
Backed by the 30-day money-back guarantee

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