Bespoke Training

Develop your team and make the most of Marketo’s software with our tailored training sessions.

With Marketo, you can change how you think about digital marketing and grow your company’s bottom line by automating repetitive tasks. That way, your team can focus on the tasks that actually require human intervention.

We offer bespoke Marketo training throughout Europe – from where, you decide. We have offices in London and Madrid where we can host your team for training, but we can also come to your office or even deliver training through video communication. Are you ready to learn Marketo?

Re-think how you’re using Marketo

We often work with clients that think they’re using Marketo correctly, only to realise that there’s a whole host of features that they’re missing. That’s why all our bespoke training sessions include a rundown of Marketo’s suite of tools, so you can make sure you’re using the ones best suited to your business and can find out more about those you’re not currently using but that could be of interest.

Depending what you request as part of your in-house Marketo training sessions, we can dive into your current strategy and analyse the results so that you know exactly what everything means. For example, we can include details around reporting, analytics and revenue models so that you better understand where your business is succeeding and where the figures are falling short.

Generate a better return on investment (ROI)

Have ever really thought about how you’re profiting from Marketo and whether the return you’re seeing is the best you can achieve? Because we bet you can do more with your marketing automation.

As part of your in-house training session, we can provide a full Marketo audit where we’ll look at your ROI and flag areas for improvement. We can then run through these with your team to ensure everyone’s on the same track and is getting the most of out of the software.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to learn Marketo. Tell us what you need and we’ll tailor your marketing automation training to suit.

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