Marketing Automation Best Practice

Developing a best practice marketing automation platform

There’s no use mincing words: while the benefits of using a digital marketing automation are well known and easy to explain, the fact remains that marketing automation platforms can be a daunting investment to justify. In fact, 26% of marketing budgets overall go towards martech and marketing automation. This means marketing teams are constantly looking to prove the value of the company’s investment in the platform.

However, ensuring a best practice use of your marketing automation platform from the very beginning will go a long way in maximising your automation investment. By establishing best practice from day one, you will be able to align your actions to your strategy so you can drive more growth and revenue from your digital marketing actions – both right now and in the long run.

What does that look like? It’s starts with ensuring that you are managing all leads through your platform so you can capture all relevant data. From there, you can begin to implement the keys to best practice.


Lead nurturing campaigns

Chasing leads and bombarding them with information that isn’t relevant to where they are in the sales cycle can be counter-productive. But ignoring your leads is a huge mistake to make. With lead nurturing, you can engage your target audience – wherever they are in the buying journey and across all relevant touch points- with relevant information that address their specific needs.

Marketing automation platforms make it easy to implement a lead nurturing strategy. With lead nurturing campaigns, you’ll be able to:

  • Keep your brand top of mind
  • Track leads through the entire marketing and sales journey
  • Increase the likelihood of leads buying from you
  • Generate more sales revenue per lead (nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than leads that are not nurtured)
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Lead scoring

Despite spending time and effort in setting up lead scoring models and scoring rules, many marketers note that their lead scoring models are not identifying quality leads. In fact, 60% of B2B companies admit that the are not getting full value from their lead scoring system.

For lead scoring to deliver quality leads, your lead scoring strategy needs to be aligned with your business – and with the correct automation tools. That’s why effective lead scoring can be so complex: it takes time and marketing automation platform know-how to build a lead scoring model that is aligned with your buyer personas, buyer journeys, and sales cycle.

We can help you build effective lead scoring that goes beyond behavioural and demographic data to prioritise your leads based on a full range of sales-ready attributes so you can optimise and refine your lead scoring models over time.

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Operational campaign support

The more marketing campaigns and channels you have in your strategy, the more complex and joined-up your campaigns and channels have to be. From simple direct email campaigns to complex persona-driven nurture, we help set up campaign templates and optimise for success.

Our expert team will help you with your digital marketing planning, taking into account your products or services, customer journeys, digital channels and marketing strategy. We’ll help you plan, implement, and assess the success of your email marketing and social media marketing and recommend ways to optimise the customer experience based on your business’s marketing plans, social networks, and marketing automation platform. From running simple batch-and-blast campaigns to setting up lead nurturing campaigns and lead scoring, we can help you optimise your digital marketing activity, drive value from your marketing automation software, and reach your goals.

Need more than a plan? We can offer operational campaign support in a way that works best for your business. Be that onsite from your offices on a full-time or part time basis, remotely via regular virtual meetings, or hybrid (combining the best of both worlds), our expert consultants will work with your team to meet your campaign needs.

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Cross-channel marketing campaigns

Marketers today have more options than ever to target their audience with effective content across all channels. The challenge lies in creating a successful, effective cross-channel marketing strategy to ensure that your marketing team delivers a consistent customer experience across all relevant channels.

An effective cross-channel marketing strategy needs to deliver valuable content across all the touchpoints in your attribution model to reach customers wherever they consume content (mobile, website, etc) and across all channels – from blog posts and email marketing to social media and mobile engagement.

Our team can help you kick off your cross-channel marketing campaigns by mapping out your buyer journey, defining goals, determining the right content to promote on your multiple channels, and advising you on how to execute these omni-channel campaigns with marketing automation. We’ll also help you forecast demand from all of your channels with a bottom-up approach, using baseline funnel metrics (collected into your marketing automation platform) and tactics to help you optimise your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Web personalisation

Personalising your prospect’s web experience is an key way of delivering relevant content to leads, no matter where they are in the buying cycle – and email marketing is not the only way to deliver personalised content! With the sheer amount of messaging the average customer sees in one day, being able to cut through the noise with personalised content is more important than ever.

  • Web personalisation allows your team to:
  • Target specific audiences with tailored and relevant content
  • Build a stronger relationship with customers and nurture leads through the marketing cycle
  • Offer better content and product recommendations to leads
  • Generally more (and, importantly, better!) qualified leads for sales teams

Marketing automation platforms make web personalisation cost-efficient, time-efficient, and scalable, allowing marketers to gather data from website users and personalise content for leads throughout the user journey based on their past history with your content and digital assets. With automation tools such as custom forms, customised banners, and dynamic content (based on the lead’s location, interests, income, job, stage in the marketing funnel, etc) marketers can make sure that they are building relationships and preparing leads to buy.

Account-based marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) isn’t a new strategy, but it has gained more currency over the last few years as B2B marketers struggle to make their services stand out and reaching the right audience. It’s the polar opposite of batch and blast marketing: with ABM, your marketing team addresses specific stakeholders and leads (in other words, specific buyer personas within a business) with tailored and valuable messaging and content to drive engagement.

The key benefits of ABM include:

  • Marketing and sales alignment – an ABM strategy streamlines objectives and defines metrics for success, allowing sales and marketing teams to share data and work towards common goals.
  • Scalable, personalised engagement with leads – ABM allows you to focus your marketing efforts on key stakeholders and decision makers within the business so you can offer them personalised experiences and leverage engagements, from discovery to conversion.
  • Aligning data and buyer needs – marketing and sales teams can share data more easily to optimise the marketing funnel and the sales cycle, focusing on key accounts and their buying patterns.
  • Closer long-term relationships with existing customers – keeping customers engaged once you’ve closed sales increases the lifetime value of your customers, who will be much more likely to recommend you to their peers – or to convert on cross-selling, upselling, or other revenue opportunities.

By integrating your marketing automation platform with your CRM, you can get an overview of high-value accounts so you can understand and identify the key stakeholders within an account, focusing your marketing strategy and marketing campaign budget on the decision makers that matter and sharing information with sales and marketing teams to drive alignment.

Events management

While digital marketing makes it much easier to reach your prospective buyers with targeted marketing campaigns wherever they are, events remain a key opportunity for marketers to engage personally and interact with leads to offer perspective, personality and interest to the marketing mix.

Online events (such as webinars, live streaming events, and virtual events) and offline live events (such as trade shows, conferences, and seminars) allow B2B marketers to build brand awareness, drive lead generation and lead engagement through the marketing funnel, engage and upsell current customers, and share knowledge with an engaged audience.

Marketing automation platforms can help you:create and manage your online and offline event marketing tasks by:

  • Creating segmented lists of invitees
  • Providing programmes for contacting leads
  • Enabling smoother email reminders and event followup with automated emails
  • Integrating with social media and webinar platforms to create a smooth experience across all platforms
  • Hosting event landing pages
  • Integrating leads generated by events marketing with your team’s existing digital marketing campaigns

Better yet, you’ll be able to measure the ROI of your events by tracking attendance and purchases and you’ll be able to optimise your future event marketing campaigns with the actionable data your marketing automation reporting provides.

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