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Sourcing and attribution in Marketo Engage

Go further with sourcing, attribution, and revenue insights

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We understand that even the most seasoned professionals can find themselves daunted by the intricacies of sourcing, attribution, and revenue analytics. That’s where this on-demand webinar comes in – covering everything from deciphering report types to demystifying attribution models.

We’re not here to baffle you with jargon or drown you in technicalities. Instead, we’re on a mission to empower marketers like you to unlock the full potential of Marketo Engage, making your workflow more efficient and your campaigns more effective. So join our Head of Consulting and Marketo Master Nathan Horan and let’s tackle these challenges together. Because at JTF Marketing, we’re not just experts — we’re partners in your success.

Sourcing and attribution in Marketo Engage

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Report types in Marketo
  • Tips for a successful setup of Revenue Explorer
  • Understanding measures of attribution
  • Attribution modelling in Marketo
  • Q&A


Get answers to your questions. Go further with Marketo Engage.


Nathan Horan - Head of Consulting

Nathan Horan

Marketo Certified Architect

Chris Smith

Business Development Manager