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Marketo Lead Nurturing 101: Building your Nurture

With only a small number of your leads making an immediate purchase or decision, there is a lot of opportunity left over to play with. An effective lead nurturing process is your answer to capturing the attention of as many of those leads as possible, not to mention how effective lead nurturing can dramatically impact customer loyalty, customer retention, revenue and overall marketing results.


In the penultimate webinar of the Marketo lead nurturing series we will be talking all about building your nurture – converting your design into an Engagement Program. We will also be discussing gotchas of cadence and monitor exceptions – all key aspects of a smooth running nurture campaign.

Marketo Lead Nurturing 101: Building your nurture

You will learn: 

  • How to convert your design into an Engagement Program
  • The gotchas of cadence and how to select them
  • Monitoring exceptions (not in nurture, didn’t send, etc.)

When you’re ready, jump straight to the next webinar in the series – Reporting & optimising

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James T Fletcher

CEO & Marketo Solutions Architect