Virtual Marketo Training: September 2024

Dates: 9am-1pm EST (2pm-6pm GMT) over three days: September 17-19 2024
Virtual training course, for anyone looking to improve their fundamental understanding of Marketo with a mix of guided training sessions and follow-up Q&As. Price is per person.

Access: Virtual   Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

  • Run by a certified Marketo trainer
  • Up-to-date course materials and real-world examples
  • Delivered as three interactive webinar sessions over a week
  • Best practice tips and tricks
  • Payment by invoice available (select at checkout)


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The smarter way to learn Marketo

This virtual training course will turn you into a Marketo pro and have you running optimised campaigns with confidence – in just a few days!

Join a series of live, interactive webinars with one of our Marketo certified experts, learning the fundamentals of email programs, smart campaigns, data management and reporting. You’ll have the opportunity to check your knowledge with the trainer, as well as learning from your peers.

Virtual training is an ideal blend of guided training, with plenty of time for Q&As!

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Is Marketo virtual training right for me?

Our Marketo virtual training courses are perfect for you if:

  • You want to learn Marketo – fast.
  • You want access to a Marketo certified expert.
  • You want to run campaigns with confidence and optimise performance.
  • You want to follow Marketo best practice.
  • You are new to Marketo or looking to build on your basic knowledge.
  • You often wonder “Am I doing this right?”

Master your fundamental Marketo skills in just three days

Day one: Part one

Marketo Basics

Get to know the basics and launch your first campaign as a Marketo newbie.

  • How to navigate Marketo Engage
  • What the different program types are & when to use them
  • Utilising a email send program
  • Maximising the marketing calendar within Marketo Engage
Day one: Part two

Marketo Data Schema

Understand the data schema and become a data management expert!

  • Mastering the lead database
  • Developing smart lists
  • Building and deploying dynamic content
  • Using global exclusion and exclusion lists
Day two: Part one

Marketo Design Studio and smart campaigns

Harness the power of smart campaigns to ace your lead acquisition & lead routing processes.

  • Creating forms within Marketo Engage
  • Launching a landing page
  • The fundamental and advanced capabilities of smart campaigns
  • Launching your first trigger campaign
Day two: Part two

A/B testing and personalisation

Understand how to use A/B testing and personalisation to produce campaigns that generate maximum return.

  • A/B testing emails
  • A/B testing landing pages
  • Personalisation using tokens
  • Maximising snippets
Day three: Part one

Marketo events and webinars

Master the skills to build and scale best practice events & webinars.

  • Learn how to integrate your event or webinar partner
  • Launch a best-in-class webinar
  • Scale events using program templates
  • Automate in person events & check-in
  • Learn how to build an event series or roadshow
Day three: Part two

Reporting basics in Marketo Engage

Discover the secrets to reporting on your campaign successes.

  • Channels & tags
  • Period costs
  • Progression statuses
  • 6 useful reports you can use today!

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Meet your trainer

Adobe Marketo Engage Adobe Marketo Engage
Nathan Horan

Nathan is the Head of Consulting at JTF Marketing.

With over seven years of experience in marketing automation, Nathan is a certified Marketo Architect and has experience leading global teams to deliver exceptional results for clients, covering a range of industries and markets.

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Only £995, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee