Marketo for Marketers: 2 day, in-person course, London, Nov 2023

Date: London, 15-16 November 2023
In-person, two-day Marketo Engage training course for anyone looking to improve their fundamental understanding of Marketo. Price is per person.

Access: In-person   Duration: 2 days   Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

  • Certified Marketo trainer
  • Up-to-date course materials and real-world examples
  • No more than 10 pupils
  • Best practice tips and tricks
  • Payment by invoice available


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What you'll learn

This in-person training event will turn you into a Marketo pro and have you running optimised campaigns with confidence.


  • Send email campaigns
  • Understand best practice standards
  • Segment your database
  • Build forms, events and webinars
  • Launch landing pages quickly
  • Understand your ROI with cost periods


  • Utilise smart campaigns
  • Use Tokens to personalise and cut campaign build time
  • Use Filters & Triggers to increase conversions
  • Run A/B tests to optimise your results
  • Understand how the lead database really works
  • Master ROI reporting
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Is Marketo for Marketers right for me?

Marketo for Marketers is a two day introduction to Marketo. It’s perfect for you if:

  • You want to run campaigns with confidence and optimise performance.
  • You want to spend less time building elements from scratch.
  • You are new to Marketo and want to use it correctly from day one.
  • You’re looking to build reports that tell the right stories with data.
  • You want to develop your ‘in-demand’ Marketo skills to fast-track your career.
  • You often wonder “Am I doing this right?”

What our students say


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Meet your trainer

Marketo Consultant JTF Marketing Adobe Marketo Engage Adobe Marketo Engage
Adam Kemlo

Adam’s clients call him “Mr Nice Guy” because he does whatever it takes to make sure their needs are met.

Adam’s background in marketing and his deep CRM expertise allows him to help clients with a broad range of challenges – even beyond Marketo.

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Only £995, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee