Pepperdata improves Marketo utilisation and increases engagement

We’ve been receiving open rates of well over 20%, and some of our click through rates were in the 30% range. We’ve never seen anything that high and we were incredibly pleased with that.

Arlene Boyd

Director of Marketing, Pepperdata

Discover how Pepperdata, a B2B organization specializing in real-time cloud cost optimization, enhanced their email marketing strategy with Marketo. By focusing on improving database quality and developing targeted nurture campaigns, Pepperdata achieved remarkable engagement rates and boosted product trials.



  • Utilize Marketo effectively
  • Enhance database contact quality
  • Develop targeted nurture campaigns
  • Increase clickthrough rates, sales engagement, and product trials


The challenge

Pepperdata, with over a decade of experience, sought to leverage Marketo to generate direct leads and Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) through email marketing. They needed a streamlined approach to drive product trials and engagement.


Our approach

Pepperdata embarked on a comprehensive six-step process:

  • Clarified objectives and consulted with experts to maximize Marketo’s potential.
  • Conducted a data hygiene audit, reviewing 108k contacts to remove unengaged and irrelevant contacts.
  • Reviewed processes, updated naming conventions, and refined the flow between Salesforce (SFDC) and Marketo.
  • Segmented users by platform, vertical, and key account for targeted messaging.
  • Reviewed and updated existing content while creating new assets to improve storytelling.
  • Implemented drip campaigns and lead nurturing, with ongoing review for optimization.


The results

Pepperdata’s efforts yielded impressive outcomes, including a much better understanding and utilisation of their Marketo instance. Some stand-out results included:

  • Achieved open rates exceeding 20%.
  • Delivered click-through rates of over 30%.
  • Established regular weekly reports for performance monitoring.


Watch our lead nurturing webinar to hear Arlene talk through Pepperdata’s approach and results: click here to access the recording.

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