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IMG Academy boost engagement and revenue with personalised emails

One of our biggest successes is that since we implemented some of these nurtures and started working with dynamic content, 61% of our total business line revenue was generated just from one nurture campaign.

Yamilette Brunswick

Email Marketing & Copywriting Strategist, IMG Academy

Learn how IMG Academy, a top sports education brand, revamped their email strategy to drive engagement and revenue. By tailoring emails to individual interests using dynamic content, IMG Academy saved time, increased personalisation, and achieved impressive results.



  • Reduce time to build campaigns
  • Increase personalisation
  • Show users the content they really want to see


The challenge

IMG Academy is the world’s leading sports education brand, providing access and opportunity for student athletes with an innovative suite of on-campus and online programming. Their products and services include boarding school, sports camps, online coaching and more.

Before implementing nurtures and dynamic content, the team at IMG Academy were spending countless hours cloning existing emails to make them sport and gender-specific, and they were unable to educate leads on their specific product interest. They were also experiencing low engagement rates and click-through rates, as well as a lack of performance insights (for example – which sports or genders are more engaged).


Our approach

In 2022 IMG Academy decided to build their nurtures by product, sport and gender, using dynamic content to personalise each email to the user’s specific preferences.

IMG Academy also revamped their email strategy. Dynamic content was used to tailor emails to each user’s interests, like their favorite sport or product. This made creating campaigns easier and improved engagement.


The results

The changes made a big difference:

  • Saved time and made workflow setup simpler
  • Created over 20 audience segments based on sports, gender, and product interests
  • Improved email deliverability and open rates with dynamic content
  • Used data to personalise emails and give users what they really wanted to see

Specific results included:

  • 103M total emails sent in 2023
  • 179k users to the website
  • 61% total business line revenue generated from one nurture campaign


Watch our lead nurturing webinar to hear Yamilette talk through IMG Academy’s approach and results: click here to access the recording.

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