Why Cross-Channel Selling Is The New ‘Thing’

Why Cross Channel Selling Is the New Thing illustration
James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


“Things are changing very quickly. Like the movement to connected devices from the conventional newspaper and television big brands of consumer products are now going cross channel with their marketing.”

Social media has become integral part of marketing as it gives brands a great opportunity to create and maintain positive business relationships with clients. Generally, consumers seek advice from people in their social media circle and check online for reviews. But even more impactful, are brands whose marketing efforts are activated cross-channel – video, mobile, offline, display and others.

Sour Patch kids, great example

Merging all these channels in your marketing efforts will have a huger impact!

For example, the producer of Sour Patch Kids, Mondelez has over millions of “likes” on Facebook but its increased brand awareness can be attributed to its real-world impact. Its recent innovation – building free places for upcoming musicians to stay while on the road in return, for social posts on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #AustinPatch or #BrooklynPatch has helped increase brand awareness.

Clorox and its “bleachable moments” success

Another example is Clorox, who used its “bleachable moments” campaign to create a multi-channel phenomenon. Ladies were their major target so as part of their strategy, they added ads on TV during ABC’s “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor” programs.

To make the most of their campaign, Clorox leveraged cross-channel earned and paid social campaigns, to increase awareness and engagement.

Lots of brands are going to hop on the cross-channel train because it has proven to be a very successful way to increase brand awareness. Not only does it add to their popularity but being able to ignite and drive the impact of a brand across many devices that directly influence consumer shopping behavior is a huge plus too.

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