What’s Snapchat’s big redesign all about?

James T FletcherJames T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


I consider myself pretty tech savvy, social media aware, and a pretty sophisticated user – by no means am I an expert on usage like members of the JTF Marketing team. However this I think has been the biggest issue of user uptake for Snapchat – usability.

Most apps and web platforms utilise experts who know all about user experience (UX), but not all of them get it right. Or it becomes an app for a specific age demographic, in Snapchat’s case young adults.

After Instagram made ‘snapchat’ mainstream with easy to use moments, the app needs to fight back to save its bacon, and encourage more users of different demographics to start using the platform – especially as it attempts to entice more advertisers, and indeed focus on an impending IPO.