What’s new in Marketo? Spring 18 Q2 Edition

James T FletcherJames T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


Wondering what’s new in the Spring ’18 release from Marketo? Have a look below at all the exciting platform enhancements.

Marketo Sales Engage Launch 

Marketo has created a united platform for engagement across the customer journey. Their goal with their newest feature is to drive more pipeline and revenue by empowering sales with intelligence, content, playbooks and analytics to convert more quickly. According to Marketo’s CEO, Lucas – “Marketing is driving a significant share of the sales and marketing partnership. We need to take that responsibility seriously.” With the new Marketo Sales Engage, based on ToutApp, Marketo will no longer simply provide information to sales teams. “We’re going to make sure they act on it, and we’re going to capture that behavioural data in the marketing system, so that we can see that sales and marketing are partnering, not on leads, but on behaviour.”

Marketo Sky Open Beta

Get a boost of productivity by opting into the Marketo Sky program and gain access to 100 new capabilities. Some features include:

  • Updated left navigation bar
  • Saved smart list rules
  • Mass actions for managing assets
  • Scheduled asset expiration
  • Asset labels
  • Flexible calendar views


Marketo is now integrating with:

  • Facebook Workplace: Send system notifications and interesting moments
  • Static List API: Manage lists between Marketo and other systems easily

Read the full list of features and enhancements here. We’re excited to see what’s going to happen next in the Marketo community. Until September 21st for more updates!

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