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Marketo Training
Alaina Roberts


As the nights draw in and we head into the quieter month of December, now is the best time to think about your Marketo training and what you hope to achieve from it in the new year.

Whether you’re a Marketo newbie or have used it for a while and want to know how to work faster, our courses provide comprehensive modules to suit all capabilities.

So why choose Marketo training with JTF

It’s simple, we offer:

  • Online courses which are self-paced so you work at a speed that suits you 
  • Beginners to Advanced level, helping you along your whole Marketo journey
  • Training you to Best Practices standards, so you know you’ll be learning the most efficient way to work.
  • Practical learning which will help you make an impact almost immediately
  • Assignments with expert feedback and support
  • Custom team training tailored to your specific set up and challenges

With enhanced Marketo skills you’ll be able to work more efficiently, grow the leads through your sales funnel and increase your organisation’s ROI.

Our training programmes are suitable for individuals and teams. See below an outline of the different levels available.

Marketo Fundamentals Training

Ideal for those who want a solid foundation of Marketo knowledge and want to understand how to build effective campaigns to best practice standards.

You’ll learn how to quickly and effectively build automated email campaigns, optimised landing pages that convert, as well as forms and events.

Plus, you’ll discover how to develop the right reports that your stakeholders are looking for and demonstrate the impact of your new-found Marketo skills. 

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Professional Marketo Training

This intermediate level training in Marketo is suited to those marketers who want to have a deeper understanding of working with the system. This course teaches you how to build lead scoring models and nurture leads effectively into completed sales.

The Professional Marketo training will walk your marketing team through effective Account-Based Management campaigns and how to help sales and marketing work together to target best-fit accounts.

Reporting and analytics tools are also taught in more depth all designed to help you communicate your department successes to your stakeholders.

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Marketo Certified Expert training

This advanced level Marketo training programme will fully prepare you for your Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) exam.

  • During this course, you’ll cover:
  • Base knowledge overview
  • Lead management best practice
  • Marketo solution development exercises
  • Targeting and personalisation
  • Analytics and reporting

If you’d like to find out more about our MCE training, then check out our comprehensive course overview here.

Want to know more? Get in touch with a member of our friendly team today and start your Marketo journey with us.