The ins and outs of Marketo Engage training

James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


This post answers the audience questions from our webinar about developing a long-term training strategy, which took place August 5th 2021. You can also watch the full webinar on-demand.

Can you train us using our instance? We have specific features in our instance that we want to keep using.

Yes – our training comes as baseline guidance, but we are able to customise a package to the way you work. For example, we recently put together a version of our training specific to data managers that contained the key elements they needed for their role.

You’ll be working in your own instance for our assignments, so our consultants will be available to support you and check your work in your own version of Marketo Engage.

You mentioned mentoring. What does that involve?

Even in our own experience, online training can be dry. We wanted to include a human element so that our students get expert in-person guidance missing from other training when making sure they’ve got it right.

How much are your training courses?

Inclusive of mentoring, our training starts from £495pp. The more students you wish to get onto the course, the cheaper it becomes, so get in touch if you’d like a quote! 

Generally, we charge per course, but do offer a bundled option if you’re looking to train from best-practice beginner’s standard to expert level (including a mock Certified Expert exam).

How long does the training take?

This completely depends on how much time you can put into the course. You’ll get the most out of your training by putting aside an hour a day, and this is enough to pass our Fundamentals training in a week or just over a week.

For our Marketo for Pros or Expert level training, this will take longer due to the nature of the content. That includes time to complete your assignments and test your skills and knowledge, then our expert consultants will run through these practice campaigns with you.

Does JTF Marketing need admin access to review training tasks?

No – we’re still able to review and go through your work via screen sharing and don’t need any Marketo Engage access to help! We just need you to walk us through your assignments and can guide you through the process.

Do you have any framework recommendations for what we need to include in internal training?

Take a look at our own courses on our website. We have a syllabus that covers our training modules, from basics to optimised user to expert user. They cover all the parts you’ll need to reach Certified Expert status and pass your exam.

Watch our full webinar on developing a top-class internal training strategy, or get in touch now for a bespoke quote on training for your team.