Reviewing 2021 performance? Here is what you can extract from Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage
Alba Clerigues
Marketing Automation Consultant


Let’s face it. Reporting is the #1 challenge for Marketing. So it’s no surprise that it’s a job that’s put off until the very last minute – and if it’s the Marketo Engage 2021 performance assessment that we’re talking about – it can’t be put off much longer – we’re now in 2022 after all.

No need to panic though – we’re here to help make the process as pain-free as possible and most importantly extract the most effective data from Marketo Engage that will create an accurate reflection of 2021 marketing performance. 

Using these 4 fundamentals for ROI in Marketo Reporting is a sure start – who doesn’t want ROI from an investment after all. But to simplify things – we’ve chosen 3 of our favourite metrics for annual marketing performance reviews: 

1. Email marketing performance – both positive (open rates & clicks), as well as negatives (bounces, unsubscribes).

The right email metrics not only help you to fine-tune what you’re sending, when and to who – but they also enable you to assess the effectiveness of your email marketing tactics so you can tweak and optimise going forward, whether that be your email template, content or something else.

2. Marketing Qualified Leads created

MQLs are ultimately the leads that are most likely to make a purchase, download, or get in contact – so capturing how many of these have been created is a good indicator of marketing activities and can have a big impact on future performance. A defined leads scoring process or model is the key to achieving this.  

3. Marketing Program ROI – what did we spend vs. what did we gain lead wise

One of the more complicated metrics to analyse is marketing program ROI – but in our opinion, one of the most important. Introducing multi-touch attribution can help you to work out which channels aren’t working and which are worth spending more valuable effort on to get those big wins.

Don’t have time or simply prefer to pass this task over to the experts? No problem. We offer a range of services to make your reporting efficient, consistent, and effective.

Whether it’s weaving in advanced lead insight tools like revenue cycle modelling to smarten up your existing reporting, setting up custom dashboards to save you time with always-on reporting, or just helping you to make use of Marketo’s reporting API’s – our team of consultants are here to help. 

Before you go…

Here are a few things you could consider to get ahead and improve your marketing performance and reporting for next year: