Reduce your Marketo licence fee this autumn

Marketo licence
Alba Clerigues
Marketing Automation Consultant


It’s that time of year again. When it comes to renewing marketing platforms, marketo licence fees, renewal uplifts and database growth can be a real headache. Marketo Engage can be no different. 

Our job as Marketo experts is to help Marketers to get the most out of their platforms and tools without having to pay extortionate amounts in fees along the way. 

With renewals, come costs. It’s a given, and it’s unavoidable. It is however possible to reduce them, we can help – here’s how

  • Find out what you really need. We help you to work this out based on usage for the next contract period – if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. 
  • Understand what you’ve actually purchased. Many of us get convinced into buying the next version, or paying for added functionality without really knowing what we’re getting for our investment. Reduce marketo licence fee is worth it.
  • Cut costs. We can help you to save on features that aren’t necessary or simply negotiate a better package.
  • Oh and why not opt for a handy consultant and save on Marketo premium support.

We can help you with Marketo licence fees and navigate the complexity of the renewal conversation so that the procurement process is easier and budgets are squashed.

And the timing has never been better! Due to the current pricing structure at Marketo, we’ve got new features and freebies available for different tiers. Get in touch with us today to find out more.