Preference centres don’t need to be boring…

James T FletcherJames T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


I often talk with clients about building a customised preference centre into their marketing automation platform (MAP). The biggest driver for this is to combat a high % of unsubscribes and tailor content exclusively to a set of users. Ultimately giving you better campaign results.

To build a custom preference centre you’ll need to group the content you send into content segments, don’t forget these are customer facing and should have friendly names. You might include things such as newsletter, billing and account information, insights and downloads, or maybe something more fun like Friday round-ups.

The key thing to remember here is the difference between new business communications, and existing customer communications. Make sure you include options for customers to unsubscribe from marketing materials but not unsubscribe from important announcements.

Finally, if someone chooses to unsubscribe you want might to ask why – maybe on a per section basis, or overall you would want to ask why the subscriber doesn’t want to hear about that topic.

What do you think?