One Month Check-In On GDPR

James T FletcherJames T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


It’s been one month since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came fully into effect and while it wasn’t Armageddon, it has led to the emergence of some really interesting developments. While it has been a Godsent for some, for others it’s been one disappointment after another.

Below, we’ll go through the winners and losers from GDPR, going by the info gathered over the last month. Please note that we may not be able to see the actual effect until regulators start taking high profile scalps, but we can guess from happenings over the last month.

GDPR Winners

The Duopoly

While lots of people through Google and Facebook will be hard hit by GDPR, the truth is that GDPR has Facebook and Google as its main beneficiaries. Both Google and Facebook are among the world’s most visited websites, and because they have multiple platforms that people are really invested in, getting users to agree to them using their data was a walk in the park.

Contextual Targeters

With the emergence of GDPR, we expect to see a rise in contextual targeting, since marketers can no longer use private info for marketing.

The Losers


Publishers have been one of the most seriously hit by GDPR. As the user’s first point of contact, they have been saddled with the huge responsibility of consent acquisition. However, so many have decided to replace consent with cookie notification meaning that if users continue browsing then they have given their consent.

Data-Focused Ad Tech

Ad tech companies are companies that create audience profiles for advertisers and for their ad targeting and they make use of personal data and it’s quite obvious why they’re hard hit.

Retargeting companies like Criteo have been able to scale through the initial huddle by interpreting the GDPR in the laxest way possible. However, if this will work in the long run, no one truly knows.

Programmatic Trading Platforms

Vendors of ad tech have witnessed a decrease of about 40% (in some case, not all) in European demand on ad exchanges since the GDPR was enforced.

How have you and your company been fairing since GDPR was enforced? Do you think you help with compliance?

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