Mastering Marketo channels & tags

Channels & tags on Marketo
Adam Kemlo
Lead Consultant - EMEA & APAC


Are they the missing pieces from your Marketo reporting puzzle? p.s. they’re critical for ROI 📈

Channels & tags are the foundation of reporting in Marketo.

Never heard of them, never mind used them? You’re missing out on valuable ROI data.

In fact, channels & tags are such a critical part of reporting that not using them can result in missing data from the campaign summary, or not getting a clear picture on the performance of different channels or campaign types. From the cost of a new name, to the number of successes you should be using them!

But what are they exactly?

Channels & tags are a way of ‘breaking down’ the programme types within Marketo – afterall you measure a search engine click through differently to an inbound content lead right? Tags help with organisation and filtering data whereas channels show you how your members move through your program from acquisition to your chosen success criteria – both very handy practices for reporting. 

By introducing channels & tags to your Marketo reporting and campaigns (both future and pre-existing – a huge bonus!), you can finally start to report on what is working and what really is just a waste of time. Let’s not start on newsletters in this post! 🙂  

Want to get started?

Not only will our training courses show you how to implement channels & tags into your Marketo system and recuperate the data you might have been missing, they will teach you how to master them. 

For more information on our training courses, that will teach you a world of shortcuts and hacks to maximise your Marketo ROI, visit our training page.