What’s New and Notable in Marketo – Spring 2019 Quarterly Release

Ashley OmphroyAshley Omphroy
Marketing Automation Consultant


What’s New and Notable in This Marketo Quarterly Release: Spring 2019

Marketo has released some exciting new features in the latest quarterly release. Here’s the lowdown on the main core platform enhancements users can begin to enjoy this month.

Custom Communication Limits

With this update, users will be able to set daily or weekly communication limits. Marketers will be able to confidently engage with their audience through their email marketing whilst giving their audiences a way to ensure they don’t feel smothered–or tempted to hit that ‘unsubscribe’ button!

This enhancement will ensure marketers have greater customisation and control on communication frequency to avoid the pitfalls of over-communication.

HTTPS Tracking Links for Email

Marketo has added functionality to display branded tracking links within emails as HTTPS for users that already enjoy secure domains for tracking links.

This new feature helps improve user deliverability by providing secure domains for tracking links. Vitally, it ensures all communications carry the user securely through the web experience, helping to cultivate a culture of trust and security in your email marketing.

Email Deliverability Powerpack Updates

The latest Powerpack updates provide users with new tools to flag (and comment on) specific test results. These test results can then be shared with stakeholders through a URL and changes are tracked, allowing users to see the evolution of an email as their stakeholders edit the content.

Marketing automation faces an uphill struggle as the landscape of email deliverability changes. This update will equip users to translate their deliverability reports into actionable items that, in turn, facilitate meaningful changes across their teams and organizations.

Marketo Sky

As Marketo Sky is getting closer and closer to full launch, the eagerly awaited new Marketo User Interface is nearing full system functionality. For more details and updates, check out the Sky release notes.