Marketing Campaign Templates

James T FletcherJames T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


Week in, week out, we have conversations with clients (and agencies) on how we can help them deliver effective campaigns – everything from the concept through to the execution, and even just benchmarking and analysing the results.

Often enough our clients have powerful Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) in place, but every once in a while we get asked to put our opinions down in the form of a short-list. Whilst this sounds quite simple, there are many caveats which one must consider – such as technical skills required to operate, ease of use, cost, and importantly what are the key objectives for the marketing department.

We also assist many businesses who aren’t quite ready for full scale Marketing Automation (MA) to utilise email marketing to drive awareness, leads and even sales. Best of all we have a cost aggressive marketing platform for this – which is managed end to end by us.

The most common issue we come across in working with clients is that there is a heavy focus on ‘an email’ and ‘a landing page’. Sometimes even just the email! But one thing we enjoy is utilising multi-touch campaigns, and across multiple channels.

Based on your objective, we tend to use a simple pattern to drive results for your marketing objective. Below are some flow chart examples of standard campaigns which we run:

An event campaign might include:

A download campaign might include:

One more thing we’re pretty fond of is our ‘briefing sheet’. It’s something we use a lot in our ad-hoc campaigns or when first starting with a client to ensure we capture everything we need.

Feel free to download this sheet, we’d love to stay in touch so you can optionally give us your email – like everyone we don’t like spam so you’ll only get the odd message, blog summary and promo from us.

Lastly, no blog is written without an objective right? 😉 Well in-case you haven’t guessed we offer freelance digital marketing services, so if you need a hand, need more ROI from your campaigns or just wanna say hi… please do.