Marketing Automation and Campaign Holiday Cover

deck on a sea coast
James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


It’s that time of the year when everyone rushes off to the beach to catch some much-needed rays of the sun – or if you’re like me you just go red so you’re better off in the shade 🙂

Marketing KPIs & sales targets don’t go away!

Unless you’re already smashing all your targets and your C-Level is very relaxed, then no need to worry. If you’re on track, or a little behind then marketing needs to continue to deliver during the holiday season.

We offer on-demand services of skilled campaign managers, marketing automation certified professionals and project management – whatever you need we can cover your team during the holiday season to keep you ticking along.

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The perfect time for Training

In the last month or so we’ve also been running a series of onsite and remote training sessions to up-skill your team ready to utilise more of marketing automation platforms such as Marketo.

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