How To Effectively Segment Your Database

segmentation shown illustratively with ludo tokens
James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


Have a customer database? Keeping track of and properly segmenting your database is very important for all businesses – it’s the only way to effectively take advantage of all that data.

To get the most out of your database, you need to understand how your data is segmented and have a rationale for the way that you segment your data.  These five tips will help you segment your database effectively:

Get to know your database

Customer demographics is one of the most used techniques for segmentation. Demographic data include sex, age, income, hair colour, education, gender, location etc.

Know what your prospects and clients do

Digital marketing makes it possible to know what your customers are doing online. Also, it makes a lot of sense to segment your database based on actions not carried out.

Know what your database tells you

They say information is power, so find time to know what your clients and prospects are saying, this way, you get a better idea of their needs and can effectively provide a solution.

Group similar clients and prospects

Having a database with 1,000 or 10,000 database names means that at least a few of them will share things in common. Use these similarities to group prospects for marketing. From the data you collect, you can determine common features that’ll give you a lead way on some behaviours e.g. what they buy or sell. So, when you see a prospect that’s similar to past or existing clients, you’ll be able to direct their interest.

Work with technology

With technology (e.g. Marketo) you can easily and quickly brush through huge data volumes to create useful segments in your database. This way, you can target any particular segment of your database anytime.

The advantage of this is fast, reliable and easy assesses to results that will enable you to target specific segments in your database anytime.

Segmentation matters!

Segmenting your database is very important for effective marketing, you want to be able to offer your customers only what they want and lumping them together is a sure fire way to not get great results.

There are actually lots of ways to segment your data effectively, but we’ve listed our top 5 above.  

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