How real-world experience from JTF Marketing led to a fully trained Renishaw team using Marketo at it’s full potential.

Maddie Vararu


Renishaw, world leading engineering and scientific technology company, made the decision to invest in Marketo to allow them to reach their marketing goal of delivering the right kind of message to the right customer, at the right time. 

There was only one problem.

Their team didn’t know how to use the platform in order to make this possible. 

The company had 38 marketo users worldwide who required training on the platform, at a crucial time. The launch of their webinar marketing. And the marketing automation in the Marketo platform was vital to execution. 

Following a global, standardized training program, laid out by JTF Marketing, an army of experienced users was created and ready to deliver automated marketing experiences to prospects. 

Taking control of the training process, JTF Marketing saved the Renishaw central marketing team 100 hours alone, leaving them with the headspace for future planning, meaning that they were no longer marketing on a reactive basis – a big step up for the team in terms of marketing.  

Over the next year, and thanks to a fully trained team that now understood the full potential of the Marketo platform, their webinar marketing brought in 4,000 new contacts alone. 

The Marketo platform, paired with complete team training from the JTF Marketing enabled Renishaw to roll out at a scale and pace they never thought possible. And where is Renishaw today, thanks to the training? They’re carrying out experience-led, planned campaigns that are focused and goal-driven. 

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