How can marketing automation improve your performance in 2021?

Alba Clerigues
Marketing Automation Consultant


You’ve probably heard of the term marketing automation, but do you know what it really means, or more importantly, what it could do for your business?

Ultimately, marketing automation helps businesses to reach the right customers and make money faster and by enabling them to automate marketing tasks.

Any business that wants to improve their return on investment, save time, and find quality leads should invest in marketing automation software in 2021. And who doesn’t want that? 

What does marketing automation actually mean? 

When you hear the word “automation”, what do you think of? Maybe you picture robots on Mars or making cars, or even the VI smart speaker you use to listen to your favorite playlists, set timers, and turn off the lights at night.

Essentially, automation alleviates manual labour – just like how robots on the production line have replaced humans, marketing automation can replace time consuming tasks with automatic processes. This allows your marketing team to focus more of their time on the areas where they can add value, rather than spending all day doing mundane work.

Automation makes life easier, expands potential, and helps you to reach that new potential, too. 

Get ahead of the competition with powerful tools

To give you a tangible example, Marketo is marketing automation software which empowers businesses to improve their marketing strategy and boost ROI with automated marketing techniques, and one of these tools is the Marketo Engage Revenue Cycle Modeler.

A revenue model is a run down of the strategy a business employs to produce revenue – it’s a valuable resource to have, but it’s complex to determine and often requires countless spreadsheets and reports.

Marketo has the capacity to carry out all the required data analysis innately to automatically define this roadmap for you, saving heaps of energy and providing your marketing team with important resources to set you apart from the competition. 

That’s the power of automation.

Streamline and improve your marketing efforts

There are numerous other marketing automation techniques that will improve your performance, from email marketing, to lead nurturing and scoring, A/B testing and everything in between. 

Even the most elementary of marketing automation methods, email marketing, can considerably improve your business, and is something you should most definitely implement in 2021. 

If you’ve already dipped your toes into the world of email marketing, you can streamline your marketing processes even further by using strategies such as segmented campaigns. Segmentation is when you make groups of email contacts who share common characteristics (such as they all subscribe to a particular service, or have shown interest in a product), to create targeted campaigns.

It’s been reported that marketers who utilise segmented campaigns have seen an increase in revenue up to a whopping 760% – and if that doesn’t persuade you to try it out, nothing will! 

The scope of marketing automation and how it can improve your performance in 2021 is huge, and while this is exciting, we appreciate that it may also be intimidating. 

Comprehensive marketing automation implementation is key

First of all, you have to take the time to successfully implement marketing automation into your business, which can be a daunting prospect. How will it integrate with your CRM system, and how will the sales and marketing teams align to effectively incorporate the new tools? As a Marketing Manager, questions like these will be your initial priority. 

One option is to work with a marketing automation implementation partner, who will help you to take control of your entire journey, from determining whether you’re ready to implement and choosing the right technology for your requirements, to helping you to develop a big picture marketing automation strategy and ensure you progress along the Marketo Maturity Curve

We specialise is assisting marketers in reaching their marketing automation goals, and have worked with countless businesses across a wide variety of industries. Check out our case studies to see real life examples of how marketing automation can streamline your marketing strategy and how we can help you to do so. 

Start your marketing automation journey today

Marketing automation has the ability to transform your business in 2021 with sophisticated tools that make marketing processes more efficient, and most importantly, boost your ROI.

We understand that transforming your processes can be an intimidating prospect, and that taking that first step is often the hardest part. But rest assured that there is support available for every step of the journey, and it’s a journey that will repay you in spades.

today, or book a call back to get the ball rolling.