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AvatarAdam Kemlo
Marketing Automation Consultant


Whilst much of the functionality ‘out of the box’ provides landing pages and web pages with trackable social elements, there is also a very under-utilised feature within Marketo known as ‘Ad Bridge’. Essentially, this is a connector to a number of social and digital advertising channels utilising cookies which have been collected from Anonymous and Known visitors.

Ad Bridge Capabilities + Paid Media Systems

Marketo’s powerful lead management technology can be utilised to dynamically serve audiences to your social advertising channels by utilising the Ad Bridge functionality. The capabilities include:

  • Audience DataSending audiences to paid media systems in order to target known prospects with personalised display ads to nurture, engage or reactivate them.> Segment by buyer stage, engagement level, and more
    > Expand audiences to improve acquisition
    > Target email subscribers and non-responders with ads
    > Nurture across channels (e.g. email and digital ads)
  • Ingesting leads or data from paid media systems into MarketoFor example, a Facebook user clicks a Subscribe button and provides a name and email address
  • Uploading offline conversion data to paid media systems, optimising lead acquisition and nurturing efforts. For example, a person searches, sees and clicks an ad, then fills out a form online. After that, he/she receives a demo offline and becomes a CRM opportunity. That’s where the advertiser targets him.
  • Retargeting of website visitors, using Web Personalisation, to drive them back to your websitePersonalise by segment or vertical

Three main social advertising channels and their capabilities.

Case Study: Industry Segmented Retargeting

One of the most common use cases of Ad Bridge is tailoring existing digital advertising channels to drive higher conversion rates based on relevancy. The following use case example shows how a visitor comes to the website, and later leaves but whilst they’re using the web elsewhere we can serve the visitor relevant ads to their data points held within the database.

Once the data has reached Marketo, the dynamic lists will then update on your social channels allowing clients to see adverts relevant to them.

And that’s the quick and dirty view of Digital Advertising through Marketo, folks!

If you’d like to find out a little bit more of what we can do for you to get the most out of your Marketo then get in touch.