Building Custom HTML Email and Landing Page Templates

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AvatarAdam Kemlo
Marketing Automation Consultant


Marketing should be an essential element of any business model and it’s no different when it comes to online. Popular methods of digital marketing can include search marketing (SEO), blog marketing and even paid advertisement but one of the most popular channels is still email marketing.

With email marketing, you can reach your digital customer on a monthly, weekly or daily basis by simply sending them an email. However, the approach isn’t always so simple.

On a basic level, the idea is to create a list of target leads, create an email, and send everyone on that list your email – but already by sending it to all, you’re forgetting the importance of email personalisation and the good a ‘personal touch’ can do to your business. This is why your email assets should be made dynamic, customising your email template to work around your audience.

The design is very important. A good email begins with its design. Ensuring your templates are firstly built around the aesthetic of your business and showcase your brand identity, and secondly that your email messages are responsive to both desktop and mobile users, without making any sacrifices in the design. Responsive email, much like responsive web design including landing pages, ensures that the emails you send are perceived by the receiver equally well on whichever device they choose to open the email on — and we all know by now that mobile can no longer be ignored, only embraced.

The problem is getting them built and having the in-house resources to do so isn’t always viable. Fortunately, we have a range of expertise to help make your campaign assets dynamic and, to use the buzz words, ‘mobile responsive’. With fast turnarounds, we will do our best to turn a design into a fully-fledged template ready for your technology in around 1-3 working days.

Here are some examples of templates we’ve created for our clients:

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