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Why Cross-Channel Selling Is The New ‘Thing’

Social media has become integral part of marketing but even more impactful, are brands who work cross-channel – video, mobile, offline, display and others. Merging all these channels in your marketing efforts will have a huger impact!

How To Effectively Segment Your Database

Have a database? Keeping track of and properly segmenting your database is very important for all businesses. Here’s how to segment your data base effectively.

Integrate and optimise social media with Marketo

Marketo is the Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) of choice for many experts, not only due to its extensive functionality, but it’s connect-ability to other applications. When it comes to Social Media (SoMe), connecting the dots...

Marketing Automation & Campaign Holiday Cover

It's that time of the year when everyone rushes off to the beach to catch some much needed rays of sun - or if you're like me you just go red so you're better off in the shade :)...

Campaign Naming Conventions

Campaign Naming Conventions are especially handy when working in a big marketing automation implementation across many regions, especially if you’re not that big that you’d start to use regionalised workspaces.