Adobe – a Leader Once Again!

adobe leader
Ashley Omphroy
Marketing Automation Consultant


In this year’s iteration of Gartner’s CRM Lead Management Report, Adobe is once again identified as the leader. This places Adobe before Oracle, Salesforce, Creatio, HubSpot, Acoustic and many other CRM platforms according to the insights and experience by CRM users surveyed by Gartner for 2020. Take a look at the magic quadrant by Gartner and the position of the CRM platforms.

The results were gathered for the annual report after in-depth research was done on the process of lead capturing, qualifying and nurturing as well as observing the activities and behaviours of CRM users. And we are proud to say that the driving force behind Adobe’s second-year-in-a-row top ranking is Marketo.

Marketo Engage

As Gartner states, Marketo has a robust platform that offers a complete lead management solution with a range of available options for every stage of your marketing campaigns. Users can understand content consumption habits, execute exhaustive analyses and determine how engaging is a piece of content.

Also, Gartner continues by praising Adobe’s Marketo for the positive overall experience taking into consideration the feedback of Adobe’s users. The positive feedback comes from the platform’s flexibility and customisation ability as well as the vast range of available third-party integrations that contribute to the Marketo’s native capabilities.

Finally, as a third strength, Gartner mentions the benefit that the Marketo users have from Adobe’s global footprint, taking advantage of the company’s channel partners and the vast range of implementation partners. In a nutshell, the marketing and the sales strategy that Adobe offers to its users brings them tremendous sales opportunities.

JTF Marketing partnered with Marketo to become a niche marketing automation consultancy purely focused on Marketo. Today, the JTF Marketing expert, an award-winning team of certified marketing automation consultants takes pride in contributing to the Marketo community of users by helping them enjoy the full potential of the features of this great platform.