5 ways to improve your Marketo Salesforce integration

Henry Franco


Marketo and Salesforce CRM are a common pair. 

Aligning the two can create an extremely powerful CRM and marketing automation platform, allowing your marketing team to reach audiences with targeted messaging with a lot less effort. 

The two systems should live in “harmony” because there is a self-healing integration that makes life easy for marketers. 

…But not always are they a match made in heaven from the get-go, especially if the CRM systems are heavily customised. The duo can bring about several roadblocks that stop you from realising the benefits of the two systems.

Five tips that will help you overcome some of the main problems

1. Take the lead with Salesforce 

One of the most common problems marketers face when working with Marketo and Salesforce is that leads don’t synchronise. Often the main causes of this are permissions or the way the synchronisation is configured. We can help identify the exact cause and deploy the fix, freeing the blockage on lead flow.


2. Personalising with custom object data 

Getting more data out of CRM to personalise can be tricky if you don’t know how to link it to Marketo. The good news is that it doesn’t require complex integration tricks to make it work. Getting information from your CRM such as contract information or consumption data can be easily accessed with the help of a certified expert.

CRM integration

3. Make it a match

I see 345 in Salesforce versus 200 in Marketo, why don’t they match?” one marketer said to us this week. Drilling into the detail often uncovers discrepancies on permission and visibility and/or data values such as sync rules.

4. Enable custom sync rules

Keeping your data set relevant and manageable will not only boost your campaign results but will also reduce your licence fee. Custom sync rules are simple to put in place with a population process for a boolean field and a simple support ticket to Marketo.

5. Hand over the integration task 

Often marketing companies find that the CRM support team doesn’t understand Marketo sufficiently to aid with any problems that arise, or vice versa – meaning you have to go back and forwards between the two. 

Our experts, who have extensive hands-on experience with both CRM and Marketo systems, can handle the whole configuration or troubleshooting of an integration process so you don’t have to. What’s more, they can work with you post-integration to personalise communications using SFDC CRM. 

Done right, the Marketo and Salesforce CRM integration will reward your company with increased personalisation, automation and more streamlined marketing productivity as a whole. 

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