5 Reasons to Outsource Marketing Automation

reasons to outsource marketing automation
Paul Scripca
Marketing Automation Consultant


In the competitiveness of today’s business markets, everyone is looking to get the upper hand. Marketing strategies are no exception. Companies are looking to ensure their selected strategy is as effective as possible. Marketing automation platforms allows businesses to target groups and individuals with specific messages or advertisements. You can also tailor how your company approaches potential customers to maximise effectiveness.  This allows for effective and consistent customer communications and improved lead management. Importantly, marketing automation reduces the task load for marketing teams. Meaning – your staff can focus their efforts in other areas.

In many cases, it’s best to outsource your marketing automation to an external partner. One study found that 75% of successful marketing automation software users outsource their marketing automation processes to external partners. Outsourcing is starting to sound like a good idea, right?

Here’s five reasons why outsourcing your marketing automation is a good idea:

1 – Specialist Skills

Implementing efficient marketing automation is not an easy process. Because many companies may not have the expertise or resources to do it internally, outsourcing is a great option. External partners that specialise in digital marketing and marketing automation tools have the knowledge and skills required to set up an effective automation strategy. They know what works and what doesn’t. Plus, they’ll have loads of knowledge of how different strategies fit into specific marketing frameworks. This ensures that businesses get the best fit for their requirements. Outsourcing guarantees a reliable knowledge base on what would otherwise be a daunting task.

2 – Understanding Demographics

It is important that an automation strategy 1) is scaled correctly and 2) targets the right demographic. For businesses that don’t specialise in software or related fields, it may be difficult to identify what programme is most suitable. Outsourcing ensures the software used suits its purpose. Software comes with a range of functions and some may not be suitable or even necessary for a business’ needs. External partners will be able to identify which software will be most useful and effective for your business. and your particular sales funnel

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3 – Monitoring Performance

Don’t get caught guessing how well your automation strategy is doing. An external strategic consultant can provide you with the tools to collect data and report on strategy effectiveness through automated testing and data analysis. Not to toot our own horn, but we’re a great example of this. We’ve got a four-point plan that walks you through the steps – from readiness to implementation to maturity to ROI and reporting.

4 – Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing and its role in building customer relationships cannot be underestimated. The buyer’s journey should be a positive experience. An effective lead management system and a solid lead nurturing strategy focus on listening to prospects’ needs and providing communication at the right time.

One study found that 66% of buyers showed they like consistent communications with marketing organisations. Marketing automation software can automate these communications. As a result, MA eliminates the need for staff to manually compose communications.

Because lead nurture is so important, it’s vital that it is done well and automated lead nurture helps ensure success. The skills and knowledge that Marketing Automation experts have can guarantee an effective lead nurturing strategy and lead management system are maintained so you can optimise your lead management.

5 – Cost Effectiveness

Effective marketing automation can make companies much more profitable. For some business models an efficient strategy will pay for itself. Therefore, it’s important that any strategy is done well and outsourcing is much more likely to result in this. Also, it allows staff to prioritise other aspects of the company, improving overall efficiency. It’s arguably a better use of time because it allows for an external partner to focus on the implementation of the strategy.

Overall, marketing automation plays a critical role in the successful implementation of the marketing strategies of modern businesses. It is important to get it right. It makes complete sense to outsource this automation to an external partner. Marketing Automation experts will have the experience and knowledge to apply the best strategy. There are a wealth of positives for outsourcing. Anyone who is looking to maximise their marketing potential should seriously consider automation.

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