5 actionable tips to boost Marketo email deliverability

Maddie Vararu


Email deliverability. The stat in the email performance report that is always there but rarely understood or focused on. 

Unless you’re an email marketing pro or a data nerd… in that case, you already know the huge importance of this little stat. 

Email deliverability is not just for nerds.

It can be the make or break of a campaign. It can be the reason for capturing or not capturing leads. 

Did you know? Almost 50% of emails that try to get into our inboxes are spam?

We’ve written this blog to prevent you from ending up in the dreaded spam folder or make sure you succeed in getting your email content in front of your audience.

Here are 5 tips to help Marketo users boost email deliverability:

2. Validate, validate and validate some more.

To stop your emails from bouncing left, right and centre clean up your lists by doing email validation on entry from ALL sources, not just Marketo forms. Extra tip: Make sure to revalidate with frequency – after all, people change jobs and leave companies all the time!

2. Deduplicate your database.

Having duplicate contacts in your lists can bloat your license fee and throw off your reporting but removing duplicates in Marketo Engage from a list is a painstaking manual process. That’s where Aromerge Dedupe™ comes in, this powerful tool automatically merges duplicate contacts – you can even set it to always-on so you never get caught out. Get a demo or try it out.

3. Get a Marketo Engage email template audit

Sometimes it’s something as simple as the words or phrases used in the legal text can be the gotcha. An expert review can help streamline and avoid spam traps. Get easy to use, flexible customised email templates from our experts.

4. Review your domain and sending IP reputation

The bigger the lists, the higher the chance of bounce backs. Plus highly personalised marketing isn’t about mass mailings right? By excluding audiences that aren’t relevant, or previously invalid and re-visiting standard smart lists you can often clean up your data and improve your email deliverability stats. 

As well as offering you a free data hygiene audit, our experts can help you with email validation, data merging and deduplication as mentioned above and more.