5 achievable global marketing trends to help you meet business objectives

Marketing trends 2022
James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


The world is changing, and so are the marketing strategies that companies need to stay ahead in a constantly evolving industry. To meet your business goals for this year you’ll want to keep an eye on these 5 major global marketing trends as well as incorporate any specifically designed tools and automation technologies. 

1. Content just got more special 

Content remains key this year. It’s about providing higher quality content than ever before – simple, clear content that is meaningful, relevant and easy to share. 

92% of consumers now expect a personalised experience. So if you’re still pushing out generic emails, blog posts and social media to your customers – you’re missing a trick and many potential opportunities. 

By creating data-driven content you’re offering consumers what they want to read and pointing them in the direction of the products or services that interest them, based on their data points and previous behaviours. A practice that if done well, can result in more purchases, click-throughs or downloads.

Not surprisingly, opt-out rates are expected to start declining this year as customers begin to understand the correlation between targeted ads and high quality, personalised content. Contextual targeting is also thought to be on the rise due to the increased relevance delivered. 

Content remains providing higher quality content

2. Customer retention focus shift

In these global marketing trends for 2022, the focus is shifting to customer retention – maximising opportunities with existing consumers instead of exclusively going out searching for new leads. There are several quick wins to capitalise on this trend: 

  • Optimise the user experience on your website – keep it up to date, and add as much value as possible to encourage repeat, regular visits that convert.
  • Plan a content-focused approach that is bespoke to your customers – automated campaigns can help to direct customers to personalised discounts, promotional information or content that is uniquely tailored to them or their needs 
  • Monitor the customer journey – how do they interact with your content, products and brand and meet their changing needs

The merging of digital and human is allowing companies to deliver the best of both worlds in customer service. Humanising a brand to give customers a friendly, personalised experience with video calls and live chat paired with the speed of chatbots and voice assistants. Conversational marketing is on the rise for a reason – it shortens the sales cycle, and improves the marketing funnel whilst keeping up to the growing expectations of quick response times. 

Related sub-trends: 

  1. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) creating individual programs for customers, with personalised content to build relationships and strengthen the alignment between sales and marketing departments.
  2. Intent monitoring – a trending approach to win new customers.
Optimise the user experience on your website

3. Integrated SEO

SEO consistency continues to play an important role in marketing success into 2022 – with a few small changes: 

  • As always, content that is unique and creative ranks higher – no surprise there. And, as search algorithms are themselves becoming more contextual, marketers are shifting focus from SEO hacks to providing the consumer with a positive user experience and added value content that ranks.
  • Blogs and other long-form content (2,500 – 3000 words) are currently favoured and should be included in the marketing mix if not already – it’s key to rank on keywords relating to industry and service. 
  • Driving traffic to your website continues to be a key tactic in SEO in this global trends. however, once the user gets there the website speed must be on point. Speed is more important than ever this year as competition grows and users are more time-pressed. This, along with mobile optimisation – 60% of all searches are now carried out on a mobile device after all. 
SEO hacks to providing the consumer with a positive user experience and added value content that ranks

4. How authentic is your data? 

2022 is thought to be the most important year for data and privacy yet. 

With the depreciation of third-party cookies set for 2023, new privacy regulations in iOS updates – companies must introduce new tactics into their marketing strategies. Here are a few of the main solutions:

  • Focus on alternative targeting solutions such as people-based targeting 
  • Begin to build your own audience. Leverage your zero data (that given to you directly e.g surveys) and first-party data (the data that you collect yourself through independent marketing efforts, such as email, newsletters, social media and CRM tools) so you will have to rely less on data from others.  
  • Design human-first data experiences by integrating data collection methods that prioritise consumer privacy – practises that will cultivate trust, add value and increase transparency for consumers. 

Having accurate, trustworthy data from people that have an interest in your brand and products will play a big role in creating more personalised, tailored campaigns that are a success. 

Begin to build your own audience

5. Alternative media formats 

The rising popularity of alternative media formats makes them a must-have for 2022 marketing strategies. The two to focus on this year seem to be: 

  • There has been a big rise in audio content as of late, mainly to meet the growing consumer pain point of screen fatigue. Podcasts enable companies to share their story in an audio format that is low cost and offers potentially high rewards. Google has recently started to rank podcasts on SERP, meaning that having videos or podcasts embedded on your pages can help to increase ranking.
  • With 5 x better results from video than static content, email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, websites and advertising can largely benefit from incorporating more video. 
Google has recently started to rank podcasts on SERP

If you haven’t already, think about your business goals for 2022 – what do you want to achieve by the end of the year?

We can help you to understand these global marketing trends and how marketing automation such as Marketo can help, so you can focus on driving your company forward.

Together we can strategise and plan in ways that mean your efforts are focused and produce tangible results. So, what is your next step?